We partner with ENHESA, the leading environmental, health and safety consulting firm, to seamlessly connect the world’s regulatory data to Makersite. Large parts of ENHESA’s knowledge base of product and substance regulations, are available on Makersite.

Makersite fuses regulatory data with other information, such as life-cycle, chemical, or substance data across supply chains for full, integrated product stewardship. 

In total there are around 65 different types of regulations (such as Packaging & Labeling, Chemical Import/Export Restrictions, Use and Marketing Restrictions,  Prohibitions, etc.) in over 220 jurisdictions.

For most of them you can find: 

  • Title in local language*
  • Title in English 
  • Short Description of Regulation
  • Categorization of regulations
  • Notifications of regulations changes 
  • Hyperlink to Regulation*

Let's find out about using copper wire made in China as example. Click on its product card and chose the =>Regulations layer, under =>Compliance.

Th view that opens is called a graph. The products (green) and processes (yellow) are the same as in the flow visualizations (Mattermaps). They are connected by lines, which tell us how products and processes are associated to one another.

Spot the copper wire, in purple. You'll see a few companies that produce copper wire connected to it. 

You can see a number behind the names. That is the number of regulations that may apply to this particular manufacturer. The number is contextual to the process, the product and the location in question.

Pick one of the manufacturers and right-click. Once you do, the wheel menu opens up. Click on "info" to open up the information panel.

Once you do, you will find a list of regulations that may apply to this supplier in the information panel.

Scroll down if you'd like to see them all.

Contact our partner, ENHESA, the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance, if you would like some expert advice on regulations.

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