Let's investigate the chemical risk of products using Spray Foam Insulation as an example.

Click on the card to proceed.Go to the layers. Under Compliance, click on Chemical Risk to activate the layer. 

Now you will see a Graph of the manufacturing process.

The ingredients to make Spray Foam Insulation are marked in green, process steps are yellow (just like in a Mattermap).

Notice that some ingredient products have red values associated to them?

The dermatological ("derm") and the inhalation ("inha") values represent exposure thresholds.

This way you can detect possible health risks along a supply chain. For instance, you may not know what the exact ingredients of the foam are. Therefore it's hard to judge if there is any risk or hazard associated to it. In fact, the spray foam itself may be an ingredient to a downstream product.

In today's complex and fast changing supply chains, "unknowns" are quite common.

This view helps cut through the guesswork and pinpoints areas of risk.

Based on a simple recipe as input, Makersite helps ask the right questions and collect the relevant answers online.

Simply ask suppliers (or labs or consultants etc.) to join on a secure teamsite and collaborate on the data.

The data stays connected and alerts you to unintended consequences in case of ingredient changes before they've actually taken place.

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