A "layer" is a focused view on data. It's a way to interrogate data to get answers on a certain topic.

We've grouped those topics in ways that are relevant when you make a product, such as questions about opportunities, costs and stewardship.

The layer menu is accessed next to a product name. It's grouped by categories, such as Business, Regulations, Environment. Within those main categories you will find additional subcategories. 

In the open version of Makersite there are three active layers.

The first is the Business layer. This is where you will find supplier or material price information.

The next layer is Compliance. Within Compliance you can currently find:

  • specific Regulations (such as REACH and RoHS),
  • Regulations that could apply to your supply chain (provided by ENHESA) or
  • Risk Assessments, such as Chemical Risk (provided by the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals, ECETOC).

The third layer is Environment.

Come here to assess climate change, environmental damage or human health impacts.

The environmental layer currently uses impacts based on USEtox, CML and TRACI impact assessment methodologies. 

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