Any process or product on Makersite can be "forked". Forking means that you can duplicate and modify an existing product or process composition.

Any product or process card will show if a product/process model has been modified.

To fork a product model, click the "fork" icon. Here "Flat White Paint" as an example. 

Once you do, your "forked" product model will show as a pull request. A pull request will tell others about changes you'd like to publish for a particular recipe or product on Makersite.

Let's look at the original inputs to this Process first. Here is what Flat White Paint is made of. Now, yours could be different, so you'd want to modify this recipe.  

Let's say the amount of Acrylic Polymers you use is different than the one on display.

In that case you highlight the Acrylic Polymers row at the bottom and click EDIT.

This will enable the dialogue to modify this ingredient.

Here you can modify the values: 

  • change the input to this recipe.
  • change the amount.
  • chose a preferred input from the library. 
  • set as Private vs Public Data.

After saving your specific BOM or Recipe, create a "Pull Request". A pull request is a method of submitting contributions. It is the preferred way to contribute to a distributed system, like Makersite.

A pull request occurs when a contributor asks for changes to be considered for inclusion in a team or open repository. Note that pull requests are a workflow method, not a version control feature.

Add some commentary if you like. Click done and then "deploy". Once deployed, you will find yourself in the list of contributors to this particular process.

The MERGE command is available to the original contributors of the data set. This is a quality control feature. No modified data set becomes publicly available unless it was reviewed by others. The primary review is through the original contributor of the data.

Once a new configuration is merged, it becomes available to others and you will be listed as a contributor to that data set. 

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