Just like LCA, Makersite describes processes through their inputs and outputs. Unit processes/unit operations are defined as an independent processes or activities that transform a given input into an output. For example, turning copper and zinc into brass, growing crops from seeds, transporting a good from one place to another, synthesizing a chemical, etc.

This is consistent with life-cycle assessment and ISO 14040, that define a unit process as the "smallest element considered in the life cycle inventory analysis for which input and output data are quantified".  Environmental and human health impacts associated with Unit Operations are here. Makersite displays technosphere data for all Unit Processes. Most ecosphere data is part of the Premium Subscription

However, Makersite does a lot more with its data. It keeps LCA product models networked, adds mapping tools, visualizes data together with other data sources and dramatically increases computing speed for impact analysis. 

Here are some notable features:

CONNECT THE WORLD'S LCA DATA - Makersite brings together today's largely fragmented LCA data on a single platform. Through its technology it is possible to connect one data set with another, irrespective of its originating database.

AUGMENT IT WITH OTHER SOURCES - LCA data can be associated and augmented with other data sources sources such as costs, regulations, facilities etc.

MAKE IT EASY TO IMPROVE - It is easy to improve data. Makersite uses forking, a method that has served as a catalyst for software development for years. 

SEARCH AND CONNECT THOUSANDS OF PRODUCTS - Search through millions of products, and other business objects. Connect them to one another in easy, transparent workflows. 

COLLABORATE WORLDWIDE -   Collaboration is native to make a side, not an afterthought. Through it's cloud-based, distributed model, anyone can work together on a given task.  

CLEAR AUTHORSHIP - Get credited for your work and retain authorship rights for your publications. We license data and openly display authors and contributors.

HAVE DISCUSSIONS - Forums for discussion of products and processes have direct links to data. That way a conversation can always get grounded in data. In return any data set can I have a discussion associated to it.

INTUITIVE INTERFACES - We use modern web technologies to make sure that our interfaces look good, and work well on all devices and all browsers.

LIGHTING-FAST MATTERMAPS© - Mattermap© are interactive visualizations that built up in split seconds. There are four main types, dedicated to their purpose: flow maps, geographical maps, graphs and simple tables.

MICROSOFT EXCEL PLUG-IN - The free Microsoft Excel connector allows you to import data from Makersite into a spreadsheet, if you prefer working in Excel. 

MODERN TECHNOLOGY - We use state of the art, high-performance infrastructure and data technologies that are build for purpose. In the case of LCA for instance, the purpose is aggregation of environmental and health impacts across industrial production chains.

LOCALIZE IMPACTS -  maps or natively integrated. That allows you to localize anything such as impacts, facilities or regulations.

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