The wheel menus are a great way to interact with Mattermaps©. Mattermaps are a graphic representations of data. All of them are interactive. That means you can query particular points in a graphic to get to underlying information. The way you do that is by pulling up the wheel menu over a particular node in the Mattermap.

In the example below, a product has silicon as part of its production inputs (green is used for products, yellow is used for process steps).

on a process, such as "silicon". 

The wheel menu will appear.  From here you can get contextual information to every process step:

  • Info opens an information pane on the right and provides detail about the process, the data source etc.
  • Edit/configure any product or process. Takes you to the Composer (see tutorial "The Composer")
  • Task let you take notes or allows you to comment straight into the diagram.
  • Filter any process to model alternative production routes, designs or suppliers ("modelling alternatives" tutorial).
  • Navigate through the process network.
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