What if...?

Explore Makersite's powerful modeling feature to compare alternative products, processes or supply routes.

Take the Steel Sheet as example. Production routes describe alternative ways of making something, such as different suppliers, processes or locations.

Steel sheets can be made in a number of ways. For example, the first process describes zinc plated steel sheets, the second one is a cold forged steel, etc.

Let's compare the carbon footprint when replacing galvanized steel with cold forged steel in a steel sheet.

To do so, open the climate change layer, under "Environment".

You'll see the full production chain of steel sheets (green = products; yellow = processes).

The values you represented by the grey bars are the climate change impacts of producing 1kg of steel sheet, using the current steel type. As you can see by the size of the bars, the steel component has the largest impact on the climate change value.

Hovering over the grey bars will reveal the CO2 equiv. values relative to the production of 1kg of steel sheet.

Now, pick an alternative product and set the alternative product was as a filter. To do so, right click on a product to open the wheel menu and chose the filter icon.

A side pane will open. Search for an alternative product, for instance a steel made in France or the Czech Republic. 

Next, hit refresh and note how the Mattermap instantly recalculates its values based on the alternative steel. The differential values are instantly available, here. Pull out the analytic tab on the right of the screen.

Notice how the values have improved or deteriorated per unit of your product.

You can perform this operation for any metric: pick your layer (for example climate change, costs, toxicity etc.) and compare the values of alternative operations, locations, innovations, suppliers, etc.

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