Quests are jobs you'd like to get done. You can pick them from the list or use the Quest workflow to get started. 

Makersite was built to get you results fast and refine them over time, as your data becomes more granular. With only 3 steps you can get to a first profile of your product and its supply chain. This can be enriched with more information about suppliers, costs and others to get a full and detailed picture. 

The workflow starts like this:

Step One 

First, give your product a name and create its profile. You can do so but using an existing product model that you can modify or alternatively, define a new, custom product.

When you search for an existing product, Makersite will offer you thousands of product models to choose from. Try different searches with synonymous names to find one that suits you. 

There are lots of product models to help you get started but not every product has been modeled yet. So if you don't find one from the get-go, define a new one. You can still draw on existing models as parts or ingredients for your formulation or bill of material.

Give your product a brand name to distinguish it from others.  

It's important to set the right unit of measure for your product. For example, a flying car will be a unit of one. Toothpaste maybe defined in grams etc.

Step two - Production inputs   

Again, choose one of the suggested inputs as a template or configure your product from scratch. Just like a cooking recipe, name the ingredients and the required amount. 

An existing product group will be available in the system. If nothing is suitable, pick a category from the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®)

It's important for your results to link to either one of them, otherwise you create a product group that wont be connected to anything else. If you create a group from an existing category, data can be provided automatically, such as regulations associated with that category.

Choose whether you would like to keep that part or ingredient private. Pick an existing data set if suitable.

Step three

Production process. Here is where you define the inputs to your product. Just like an omelette is made with eggs, butter, salt.

Any existing product category in the system will already have linked inputs. You can use those as a base or modify them. If no suggested inputs are shown, simply create your own input list by clicking "add input".  The input screen will ask for a name of your part or ingredient and its amount. Make sure to link to an existing product group if there is one. That way Makersite will use those predefined values. You can always modify them later.

For instance, if you use steel to make the car, "steel" will give you choices of all the steels currently available in the system.

Add as many inputs as required.  

After you are done, save your Quest. You can then see a summary of your product profile.

The analysis tab will provide you a first snapshot of your product profile. Go to the overview and pick an attribute you would like to analyze. 

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